Healthy superdrink with aloe juice

Healthy superdrink with aloe juice

This wonderful plant has a millenary reputation: its countless qualities of aloe vera are the number one ally of health.

The properties of Aloe Vera are so many: the active ingredients contained in it , in particular minerals , vitamins and antioxidants , fully award the title of ” Queen of healing plants .” The ancients knew well : the pre-Columbian people believed it was excellent to treat headaches , Romans used it to solve intestinal and problems of digestion, the Egyptians ” worshiped ” the aloe vera as it was a kind of elixir of life , the plant that more than anything else does live well and long .

Aloe’s juice is a nectar for the whole body ...

The aloe vera juice, thanks to the nutrients of which it is composed, detoxifies the toxins accumulated in the cold months; Moreover, it stimulates the immune system and helps to protect us against attacks from viruses and bacteria and prevent inflammation. But not enough: the aloe is a good blood coagulant, good for teeth and hair, but it is above all a great dietary supplement, healthy and complete. Not surprisingly, it has been called a “superfood”!

Cocktail with aloe and fruit, the alternative drink

Maybe not everybody know that with the aloe vera you can prepare delicious drinks, light and refreshing, ideal to address the first warm. Here are some original appetizers, good and healthy:

– Aloe , orange juice and strawberries : excellent not only in taste but also for the amount of vitamin C contained in all ingredients .

Aloe , grapefruit juice and grenadine syrup , ideal for those who love the unusual flavors and want a stiff and dry drink.

Aloe and raspberries : in this case we will get a good shake , which purifies the whole body .

These are just three examples , but we can mix the aloe juice with pineapple , pomegranate , watermelon , even mint : there are so many cocktails that can be prepared with the extract of this plant . One more reason to have always a stash in the fridge.

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