Lunch, time of day respite

Lunch, time of day respite

Returning from vacation in Italy, I made the order through the memories, the desire to better acknowledge the special moments lived in those sweet days and close them well in the soul. Thinking about experiences Italian and a little browsing photos taken while I was there, I remembered a habit I’ve seen enormous popular: lunch, a place of honor.

I found that Italians are very thorough when it comes to lunch. Especially in small towns, most shops close at midday and places where the meal is filled with people (certainly when you’re not at all pleasant tourist …). Range 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. is reserved to enjoy the food, for chat and coffee. Moments of relaxation in the heart of the day, whether you work, go to college, school or are retired. And not in a restaurant, but also on the steps of a building on a park bench or you walk when it’s warmer in squares “tradition”. And I realized that’s very good to break a little from day to enjoy calm table, whether you eat alone or with colleagues / friends.

How many times have we lunch among reports and projects, staring into the monitor, înfulecând occasionally merdenea a bite? It is enough to shake a little keyboard and very likely we will find traces of an improvised lunch or some ronţăieli chaotic. In addition, mobile phones seem the main ingredient in many lunches if we look a little by restaurants. Multitasking is the happiest no idea when food enters the discussion.

Certainly each of us are pressured by deadlines and the desire to do the job quickly. But a lunch break, the meal eaten at leisure, followed by a walk can give us the energy to finish well what we started and can crack the successful routine can give us a boost creative ideas and solutions to meet our tasks successfully.

I think carefully took lunch is a way of showing your respect and appreciation for oneself. And I wrote this article just as a reminder that there are times of day when it is good to take pause, put “stop” and agitation to us to turn our attention toward what relaxes us. A small pleasure that we brought as a man.

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